Training for systemic constellations

We invite you to learn in many dimensions:

The goals of the constellation community training on workshop hosting and facilitation

  • To demystify constellation work.
  • Making such work deep-felt and practical at the same time.
  • Explore how to frame and host constellation workshops.
  • How you practice systemic interventions with particular clients.

This training offers you the possibility to observe different constellation themes and styles and in the end, find your own.

You will learn this by practicing the art of facilitating constellations, both one to one and in group with the embedding of a useful body of knowledge and supported by a series of practical exercises.

When you have completed the five module cycle (20 days) what will you be able to do?

  • You can distinguish when to do a constellation and when not. And why.
  • You will know how to create a safe environment for yourself, for the client, for sharing between the two of you and also between you and a group.
  • You will have experienced how to use systemic thinking in complex environments and how to navigate safely.
  • You will be able to distinguish inner and external processes.
  • You will know how to reinstall orders in systems.
  • You will have experienced developmental constellation work.
  • You will know how to make it work in your own work environment.

And above all, you will have experienced the importance of connecting to self. 

For this you will not only have learned methods and models you'll have most of all practiced a lot. Upon successfully completing the 5 module cycle, you receive a Constellation community certificate.

Registering for the Facilitation Training Seminars

Dates and locations are continuously published here.

Each module is a full seminar on its own. It presents a specific theme with theory, exercises and demo sessions. The module always includes an Open workshop during the weekend on which clients are invited and more participants from the constellation community join and practice together on the given theme. Monday is round-up day on which the work of the previous days will inspire questions and answers.You can register by a simple emailUpon receipt of payment your participation is confirmed.

Fees: 700,00 € per seminar of four days in Brussels, other venues may imply different rates. 3.000,00 € for a package of five that you can follow at any venue. In a cycle of 4 days you will be invited to become at least once a client, and to facilitate at least one workshop-like major constellation with supervision and feedback.

You get a reduction for subscribing for five seminars as a package. You can adjust your dates as you go within the programme announced on this site. If you bring a friend (or more), we offer you a discount of 10% from their fees. 

Invitation for experienced practitioners

We invite experienced practitioners to join the community with your experience. You are invited to be with us and join the sessions with your wisdom and insights. We are inviting you to share your own special take on constellation work and run a workshop or some session within a workshop in your style and with your background. 
If you come with some of your clients or want to organise a special learning seminar as part of this programme or deepen one of the themes, please write to us and let's co-create, from content to economy.