Intuition and management

A systemic management workshop from 1 to 4 May 2015 in Brussels

with Claude Rosselet (Zurich), Jan Mattijs (Brussels), Rainer v. Leoprechting and Lena Jacobsson (Obenaus)

The workshop is about your intuition as a manager, worker or consultant in organizations, and how to make a more mindful use of this vital resource. 

Thanks to the systemic representations arrangement and process, you will be free to experiment with your intuitions in organizational situations proposed by participants. The exploration is facilitated by the contained safe space provided by the place, the group and the rules, and by the supervision of confirmed practitioners. In these conditions, participants will be able to experience and handle various aspects of intuition: its physical and sensory grounding, its relational dimension, the emotions that come with it, its links with our cognitive knowledge, its sensitivity to bias and prejudice and its potential for innovation and lateral thinking. 

For the first time together, the four presenters offer you their diverse insights, experiences, methods, tools, and most importantly, presence and wisdom. 

We will explore recurrent principles in organizations and work issues, how they drive company decisions and how you can make them visible. You will discover a practical process to recognize and include your intuitions. 

Our focus is the inquiry into (w)health in organizations and meaningful work. Intuition can be a resource for a personal career, for managing projects, developing services or products, organizational structuring, outreach to critical stakeholders or investors, and more. We explore the issues as you bring them to the seminar, and work it from there. Your participation will be highly interactive and practical. We invite you each time to use your full senses and train your intuition. In all ways, your own options get informed and your choices illuminated.

Over these four days, you can take part at the times that fit you best. You can come for a full day, half day or all four days, any time from 1 to 4 May 2015 at Le chant intérieur, rue des Griottes 43, 1180 Uccle (Brussels). We begin at 09:00, end around 17:30.


Feel free to share this invitation with people you think might benefit from this opportunity.
You can prepare yourself with Claude Rosselet's practical handbook. The book "Intuition et management" in French or "Andersherum zur Lösung" in German will be available at the workshop.


Corporate participants, entrepreneurs: 90€ for a half day, 120 € for a full day, 400 € all four days.

Students and individual participants: 50€ for a half day, 90 € for a full day. Lunch and refreshments included. 

This workshop can also be included in a systemic constellation training in wider contexts : family, professional or socio-political (civil society, public institutions, territories and polities…). For attending the workshop towards your certificate as facilitator, see the training conditions.

Registrations by email to

Rainer von Leoprechting,
4 Feb 2015, 13:49