scenic play


Be wholeheartedly welcome to a three day

Scenic Play ~ Constellation Workshop


« Family and Healthy Relationships »
« My Professional or Organisational Life »

9. – 11. October Rhodos, Greece 

The three day workshop offers in-depth exploration, meaningful insights and possibly excellent help around our lives in families, relationships, our professional and organisational lives.

This is one of today’s most powerful experiences for anyone facing tough choices or impossible life or work situations.

We can use our bodies and its senses to actually connect to a few specific things out there. So be welcome to see what we learn and experience about our quests in life if we see them coming together with the help of a group that represents what is relevant through their body sensations.

Friday 9, October
Day 1: A Taster Day in Scenic Play ~ Systemic Constellation Work

10:30 – 13:30 « Family and Healthy Relationships »
15:30 – 18:00 « My Professional or Organisational Life »

Saturday 10, October
Day 2: « Family and Healthy Relationships »  10:30 – 18:00

This day of the workshop is dedicated to healthy relationships in freedom. Freedom from the ties into which we grew up. Freedom from patterns that have replicated from generation to generation. Freedom to take life choices about relationships you care about, places to live, careers to pursue in a joyful way.

We invite you to use your full senses to embody questions, relationships and life. Together we will explore your questions with scenic play ~ constellation work in a community of trained and experienced facilitators.

You can bring your life quests and challenges and other participants will represent specific aspects that combine into a whole picture in front of you. Here you can see your situation and options unfold which might help to take long postponed decisions and give a fresh start to something new.

Sunday 11, October

Day 3: « My Professional or Organisational Life » 10:30 – 18:00

Day 3 of this workshop is dedicated to healthy and wealthy organisations and meaningful work.

During the day we will explore what in organisations and work issues deeply matters for you. The focal topic is the inquiry into (w)health in organisations, be it for a personal career, the opportunity to develop services or products, organisational structure, outreach to critical stakeholders or investors and so forth. We'll explore the issues as you bring them to the seminar, and work it from there. So our learning will be highly interactive and practical.

If you want to bring forward an issue or participate in a workshop of a day, you may enroll for just one day or half-day


This workshop is lead by the seasoned constellation trainers and facilitators Rainer von Leoprechting and Lena Jacobsson, additionally hosted by Jürgen Große-Puppendahl and Maria Bakari. The workshop language is English and and Greek (interpretation on request).

Stergiopoulou 9, Ixia 85101 Ialyssos, Rhodos, Greece 

3-day workshop: 130 Euros

Registrations for one day or a half day: 50 Euros resp. 25 Euros

The workshop does not include accommodation or food. We offer drinks like coffee or tea and some snacks during the training. If you want to come, money shall not be an obstacle. Contact us for scholarships and other options for participation beyond the Euro.

In Rhodes, a hosting place and a place of crossroads of cultures, there is a great variety and range of accommodation options. Our international participants are invited to search and choose on their own and also feel free to contact us, if you need assistance. We would be very happy to assist. 

Contact us!
For more information and registration, please contact Maria Bakari at: and/or 
Phone  +30 6937107443