What matters for our time

What is going on at a large scale drives our decisions and sensations in life and work more as we might believe, or also much less. 

This time we will explore and work with big issues and systems. How do we deal with refugees? What is going on behind the scene? The frame of reference can be as familiar as your commune or tribe, and as large as a country, Europe or the whole planet. Questions that guide us here could be concerns about concrete things and projects, purpose, meaning and sense for your profession or life in general. 
As always you are welcome to join for just your issue or exploration, become our client for a moment and we consult you with the help of our representation in constellations. Or you want to experience a series of constellations and take part as a potential representative, lending your senses to some fresh experience for our clients. Or you take the whole four days and deepen your practice as a constellation practitioner.

Feel free to share this invitation with people you care about or that might benefit from this opportunity.

You can come for a full day, half day or two days of systemic constellations, between Friday 13 November and Monday 16 November 2015 at Le chant intérieur, rue des Griottes 43, 1180 Uccle. We begin with a welcome at 09:00 (workshop starts at 09:30 sharp), end around 17:30. 

Corporate participants, entrepreneurs: 90€ for a half day, 120 € for a full day, 400 € all four days.

Students and individual participants: 50€ for a half day, 90 € for a full day. Lunch and refreshments included. 

This workshop can also be included in a systemic constellation training in wider contexts : family, professional or socio-political (civil society, public institutions, territories and polities…). For attending the workshop towards your certificate as facilitator, see the training conditions.

Registrations by email to team@constellationcommunity.org