Personal development within work, family or society

The Self is developing in the background of any of our relevant systems in life.

Constellation workshop in Brussels from 26 to 29 September 2014

In this workshop we will shed light on this background movement. Your development will become the orientation to explore your current situation in life, work or society.
The question you come with might be about health and sickness, decisions or questions at work or in life, purpose and meaning of your life. Through systemic constellations you can look at yourself through a representation. In our experience, this self-view has triggered a inner consolidation or even a healing process time and time again.
Meet open-minded and well-trained practitioners to mirror your Self. Plan to be surprised ☺

How does it work?
We are gathering at Le chant intérieur, rue des Griottes 43, 1180 Uccle (Bruxelles). A place in nature yet in the city, 20 min from Gare de Midi, accessible by public transport. The workshop begins each day at 09:00 and ends around 17:00 hrs. We offer refreshments and a healthy homemade lunch.


Tell us the date(s) of your participation and whether you envisage to become a client (see below). A preparatory conversation can be arranged.
You can take part in the workshop in preference on Saturday and Sunday as a client or representative or both. As a client, your question is in the center of attention so you gain insights into your development, next steps and meaning behind certain important aspects of your life. As a representative, you will lend your body’s sensations to the room. Often representatives share how much their own experience has helped them to move certain aspects of their life.
We are open for some clients or participants to attend on Friday or Monday, too. So if those dates fit your schedules better please tell us so we can confirm your place.

Workshop led by Lena Jacobsson and Rainer v. Leoprechting
together with the constellation community of practitioners

Your contribution:
Your engagement, open mind, and time.
70€ per workshop day (refreshments and lunch included)
40€ for half-day participation
As a client, a donation requested for your personal facilitator
Special rates for special circumstances available. Please ask.