Family and intimate relationships

Constellation workshop 27 February till 2 March 2015 in Brussels
Welcome to this workshop dedicated to healthy relationships in freedom.

Freedom from the ties into which we grew up. Freedom from patterns that have replicated from generation to generation. Freedom to take life choices about relationships you care about, places to live, careers to pursue in a joyful way.

We invite you to use your full senses to embody questions, relationships and life. Together we will explore your questions with constellation work in a community of trained and experienced facilitators.

You can bring your life quests and challenges and other participants will represent specific aspects that combine into a whole picture in front of you. Here you can see your situation and options unfold which might help to take long postponed decisions and give a fresh start to something new.

You can also join as participant and represent important aspects as they come up in various topics brought up by others.

In both ways, your own life options get informed and your choices illuminated.

Feel free to share this invitation with people you care about or that might benefit from this opportunity.

You can come for a full day, half day or two days of systemic constellations, with a focus on family and relationships, between 27 February and Monday 2 March at Le chant intérieur, rue des Griottes 43, 1180 Uccle. We begin at 09:00, end around 17:00.

Contribution: 40€ for a half day, 70 € for a full day; as a client, a donation for your personal facilitator.

Registrations by email to