Open const
ellation workshops

Participation in open workshops is open for anyone who wants to explore systemic work for oneself or one’s work. The main purpose is to practice constellations on the given theme of the seminar.

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The Facilitation Training Seminars 

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We offer different modules with different themes. You will receive a certificate as Constellation Community Practitioner after completing five such modules in whatever order.

Each module is a full seminar on its own. It presents a specific theme with theory, exercises and demo sessions. The module always includes an Open workshop to which clients are invited and more participants from the constellation community join and practice together on the given theme. Friday we present theory and practical insights around the work with the topic. Monday is round-up day on which the work of the previous days will inspire questions and answers.

You can register by a simple email! Upon receipt of payment your participation is confirmed.

Fees: 700,00 € per seminar of four days. 3.000,00 € for a package of 20 days; you participate in several seminars at any venue until the 20 days are completed, and you qualify for your certificate.

In a cycle of 4 days you will be invited to become at least once a client, and to facilitate at least one workshop-like major constellation with supervision and feedback.

Special offers
You get a reduced fee for subscribing for five seminars as a package. You can adjust your dates as you go within the programme announced on this site.
If you bring a friend (or more), we offer you a discount of 10% from their fees.
Experienced practitioners
We invite experienced practitioners to join the community with your experience. If you come with some of your clients or want to organise a special learning seminar as part of this programme or deepen one of the themes, please write to us and let's co-create your community business.

Upcoming Workshops
(main working language: English - nous travaillons aussi en français/wir arbeiten auch auf Deutsch)

Systemic constellation workshops in Obenaus

Our open systemic constellation workshops in South Styria. Lena Jacobsson and Rainer von Leoprechting are hosts and facilitators in constellation community style and spirit. We deal here with the most diverse participants and topics. We are ready to see different systems in their combinations.

You can come to deepen your hosting in a constellation circle or bring your own complex issues to meet their solutions. The theme of your personal constellation can be topics from the very intimate to the very large systems.

You can take part in this workshop in the most flexible ways.
A half day participation contribution is 25,00 €,
a full day 45,00 €,
two days 80,00 €.

Find the next dates and venues at:

Register by email.

Systemic work summer intensive

Practicing the art of hosting with constellations, and their applications with organizations and groups

Lena Jacobsson and Rainer v. Leoprechting will lead a concentrated training into the principles of systemic work. 

You will learn 

  • the functioning of systems
  • setting up workshops with organizational leadership teams
  • facilitating systemic representations
  • reading, reflecting and sharing information from systemic constellations
  • hosting conversations in the presence of intuition

Meet an international learning group in Obenaus, Austria, this upcoming 26-29 July 2019.
The venue is at Obenaus in South-Styria, Austria.

Contribution for the full workshop (lunches, snacks and drinks included): 

As a participant: 150 € for the full workshop (4 days), 80 € for two days, 45 € for one day, 25 € for a half day.
As a client with your own question or situation in the focus of a session, add 30 € to the participation fee.
As a training participant: 700 € per person (4 days) - you will participate, be a client, facilitate a session and receive personal coaching so you can practice yourself later. If you sign up together with a team mate, the contribution is 600 € for each team member.

Registrations and questions per mail to: obenaus(a)