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Systemic work intensive in Møn, Denmark, 24-26 March 2017

posted 3 Dec 2016, 05:51 by Rainer von Leoprechting   [ updated 11 Dec 2016, 02:20 ]

Systemic work intensive

Practicing the art of hosting with constellations, and their applications with organizations and groups

Lena Jacobsson and Rainer v. Leoprechting will lead a concentrated training into the principles of systemic work. 

You will learn 

  • the functioning of systems
  • setting up workshops with leadership teams
  • facilitating systemic representations
  • reading, reflecting and sharing information from systemic constellations
  • hosting conversations in the presence of intuition

Meet an international learning group in Denmark this upcoming March 24-26.
The venue is the island of Møn, close to Copenhagen. Details to be confirmed.

Contribution for the full workshop (lunches, snacks and drinks included): 

As a participant: 120 € / 895 DKK for both days, 75 € / 560 DKK for one day, 45 € / 335 DKK for a half day.
As a client with your own question or situation in the focus of a session, add 30 € / 225 DKK to the participation fee.
As a training participant: 450 € / 3.350 DKK per person - you will participate, be a client, facilitate a session and receive personal coaching so you can practice yourself later. If you sign up together with a team mate, the contribution is 400 € / 3.000 DKK for each team member.

Registrations and questions per mail to:

More on constellations and Lena's and Rainer's take on it:
Constellations work in general is a practice of extended consciousness; of using all our senses to observe ourselves, others and the interaction of elements in any system, from local to global: family, community, political, and more. 

Through practicing Constellations we generate connections to ourselves and others unseen before, be more present and masterful in our interactions with our surrounding environments, develop leadership skills, and create subtle, resonant shifts for positive change. Within this particular group we will explore diverse applications including business and work, theater/performance, nature guiding/shepherding and psychology/therapeutic work. You can bring your own practice to be interwoven or your personal questions to be addressed. Lena and Rainer are open for the whole range of systemic questions, be it our inner health, relationships, intergenerational questions, professional or business, society or Europe.

“We blend constellation work with the Art of Hosting practice, including participatory methods where each and everyone is seen contributing to the group. By working together we reach more clarity and expand our world views more effectively than alone. We use the circle practice to create a safe working container that allows each and everyone to bring themselves in with their full selves. 

We let the system speak and rarely interfere with the organic unfolding of a system, knowing that what is seen in the room is the inner process of the client. From time to time we intervene to undo knots and support flow in the inner process. We support the well-being of everyone: by having warm and cold drinks in the room, by being in a place with lots of natural light with easy access to nature, a cosy corner to lay down and rest, blankets and socks to keep warm, and a healthy home cooked meal in the middle of the day. We are looking to create a holistic constellation experience.” 

Registrations and questions per mail to: