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Some insights from Belgium #Hellinger #New Family constellations #war #peace #terror-in-Brussels

posted 25 Mar 2016, 03:32 by Rainer von Leoprechting   [ updated 25 Mar 2016, 04:25 ]
Mid-March some 400 people met Bert Hellinger in Charleroi. A gathering of many systemic practitioners. People coming from Russia, China, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and many more countries. Bert shared his "New" Family constellation work. Constellations are short, go directly to the essence. Few elements. The family tree resumes into person and Mother. The entrepreneur with their company. The searcher with religion and purpose. The churches with Jesus. The churches can't stand the view of pure love and crumble.
Many constellations were mainly diagnostic: "Is there a future for this project? No. Thank you, you can sit." "Is there a future for this couple? You see, she stepped back from him. There is no future." 
Hellinger's main 'new' constellations are without words. The client stands on stage. Hellinger calls for a woman. Another woman to lay on the ground. Many more people to lay on the ground. Tears and shivering with the client. Nothing needs to be said about the topic or the story. The process goes on in light speed. 
I got called on stage. I shared about our political constellation work, the questions about peace and war. European constellations where the founder of the European integration, Jean Monnet is facing the EU of today, very similar phenomenon as Jesus and the Churches. How do you set this up today? Bert invites my to stand up. Another practitioner is set up in front of me. He gets in a defensive posture. Bert asks him to say "I wait." I approach him with a few steps until he raises his hand. I stop. We look at each other. Bert asks to say "Me too." The other man says "Me too." I move forward in a half circle, join him next to his left. We both see the room now from the same perspective. The constellation ends.
Quite a few people approached me afterwards. There is a need felt to practice peace. With the help of constellations. 

14 March. We practice the "New" forms in Uccle, Brussels. Thierry has joined the circle from Belgium. The "Hellinger" style works well with us. Short, directly to the essence. A constellation process without any words. The client observes how much the elements changed their representation instantly, moving from one signification to another. 

22 March. Back in Obenaus, Styria. A strange morning. Everyone feels uneasy and disturbed. Later we learn about the attacks in Brussels. I had been at the places of the bombings just the week before. My body cramps. An hour later I am calm and breathing again. I sense the urgency to move on with this emerging call. Practicing in the service of peace.
I see a two-day practice format. At a place in Nature. With a group of diverse people, including politicians and citizens of many countries. Various formats of practice to explore our inner worlds, the recognition of ourselves through others, the inner world of our collectives, and the recognition of their personae through each other. Systemic constellations will be an important ingredient, especially to explore the collective dimensions. Yet people need to also find and confirm how their own personal practice can and will serve peace. Conversational practices like Action Learning Circles will support this. 

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