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Health and the meaning of illness. In relation to me, my family, my work and our society - Brussels 1-4 March

posted 22 Jan 2013, 13:59 by Rainer von Leoprechting   [ updated 23 Jan 2013, 11:17 ]

Health and the meaning of illness in Brussels 1-4 March

This time we will work with health as the starting point to inquire into systems as large as the whole planet or as intimate as your inner organs.
Questions that guide us here could be any issue affecting your wellbeing. We will explore your concerns or symptoms to see what is behind.
And of course, your calling issue could be anything else, provided the answer is not yet too obvious.
As has become a little tradition already, you are welcome to join for just your issue or exploration, become our client for a moment and we consult you with the help of our representation in constellations. Or you want to experience a series of constellations and take part as a potential representative, lending your senses to some fresh experience for our clients. Or you take the whole four days and deepen your practice as a constellation practitioner. 

The participation for a single constellation as a client is 50€, a full day participation with lunch and snacks and drinks included is 120€, the full four-day practice workshop leads to a certificate (after 5 such workshops) and costs 625€.
Please register in advance so we can plan the practicalities with the venue.