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European constellation day 9 May 2013

posted 8 Apr 2013, 13:19 by Rainer von Leoprechting
As our world seems to fall apart, savings accounts get unsafe, citizens want their nation states back, war is going on in Syria, do the foundations of the EU still hold?
We invite you to celebrate the European Day in Brussels with European constellations. Be welcome to meet the founders, be in touch with the history of this continent in so many wars and the experience of peace. See what the EU can do and what not, and where all this mess might be leading to.
We'll be exploring the future of Europe (and why not of humanity at large?) all along this day. Bring your friends and family. Be ready to use all of your senses to see, feel, smell what is going on. And be ready to be surprised.

09:00 Welcome
09:30 European constellations begin
12:30 lunch
14:00 European constellations resume
17:00 Europe's future - constellation and party 
22:00 end

You can join us at the Notre Dame de Chant d'Oiseau Learning Centre at 09:00, 14:00 or after 17:00, and of course stay the whole day!!

Contribution for the full day and evening: 70 € all included. Morning or pm only 45 €, Evening only 25 € (15 € if you bring something for the party)

rsvp by mail: sign up for the day