Systemic constellation open workshops 
13-14  September 2013
Systemic constellations work with your questions by setting them up in three dimensions in front of you. You look at your questions from outside. A dynamic theatre then plays out just for you as other participants slip under the skin of relevant actors and elements that together form the system of your concern.

You may also like to just do this. You slip into the skin of many others and participate as a representative. It's often a healing experience in itself. Many representatives share how much they were touched by what they experienced when connecting to something else.
Questions that guide us in our workshop could be concerns about purpose, meaning and sense for your profession, work or life in general. It could be the wish to see what is behind.... an event in your organisation, a crisis in your professional community, a merger or a crash of the financial markets. And of course, it could be anything else, provided the answer is not yet too obvious.

You are welcome to join for just your issue or exploration, become our client for a moment and we consult you with the help of our representation in constellations. Or you want to experience a series of constellations and take part as a potential representative, lending your senses to some fresh experience for our clients.

Fees: Participation for one day 120 €, both days 240 €.
Participants as clients (your question or issue becomes the centre of a constellation or intervention): 50 € extra.

You can enroll with this form or per email.

  Constellation community training 
"personal development dynamics" in Luxembourg in 6-7 and 13-14 September 2013 
The constellation community training started in March this year for the first time in Luxembourg! Lena and Rainer host this seminar on constellation work and how you can facilitate constellations with your clients in organisations and around work issues. We start in September with a two-day training seminar for facilitators, then continue with practice during the two days of open workshop. Participants will learn the ground rules of constellation facilitation, about personal development and related multi-system dynamics, the processing of constellation in real-time workshop settings. Participants will practice with each other and be coached when working with their clients.
You can enroll for just this seminar, or for a whole series of five by a simple email. For this please fill out a short participation form. Upon receipt of payment your participation is confirmed.

Fees: 600 € for this single 3.5 days workshop in Luxembourg. 3.000 € for a package of five modules (any venue). In every cycle of 4 days you will be invited to become at least once a client, and to facilitate at least one workshop-like major constellation with supervision and feedback. 

Friday 6 September afternoon only! Welcome and start of the workshop at 14:00.
All other days:
 09:00 (welcome)
 09:30 Workshops start 
ca 13:00 lunch
ca 14:00 Workshops resume
17:30 hrs end