Purpose and supporting ideas

Together we developed a new way of doing constellations in community. We blend constellation work with the Art of Hosting practice, including participatory methods where each and everyone is seen contributing to the group. By working together we reach more clarity and expand our world views more effectively than alone. We use the circle practice to create a safe working container which allows each and everyone to bring themselves in with their full selves. We have developed a practice where facilitators can work transparently together. One leads the constellation process and the other serves as their coach helping the facilitator to stay outside the system of the client to see more clearly the real issues. 

We let the system speak and rarely interfere with the organic unfolding of a system, knowing that what is seen in the room is the inner process of the client. From time to time we intervene to undo knots and support flow in the inner process. Around this practice a diverse community of constellation practitioners is forming. Everyone is welcome to practice in this laboratory of life. Sometimes we invite a special guest and working friend to present their special take on representations in politics, management, family life or healing sessions.

We encourage everyone to take good care of their own needs and to look for comfort. We support the well-being of everyone: by having warm and cold drinks in the room, by being in a place with lots of natural light with easy access to nature, a cosy corner to lay down and rest, blankets and socks to keep warm, and a healthy home cooked meal in the middle of the day. We are looking to create an holistic constellation experience. Welcome to join us!  

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Special guest in 2015: Claude Rosselet

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Questions, comments, concerns? Send us an email at team(a)constellationcommunity.org